Informational Websites




Informational websites can be the simplest of all websites.  It's designed to let people know who you are and what you can do.  People would rather do their research before having to contact you. The informational site serves this purpose well for people can visit your site at any time of day or night. Your site can still serve information to prospective clients without taking up a minute of your time.

The informational site gives you the ability to display as much knowledge and expertise as possible. With the Internet becoming a mainstream source of information, people are going to spend extra time researching from a variety of sources before taking action. You will indirectly build a rapport with your visitors if the site has detailed explanations and pictures. The more they trust you and your knowledge, the more likely they will contact you or use your services. 

When building an informational website, it's important to include a variety of content.  Use text, pictures and even video to let the visitors learn all they can about you.  It's very important to have a solid, rich content on your site and once the customers have gotten a chance to get to know you, make sure that they can take the next step to contact you.